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Pippy Sips was founded with a mission to create products for moms that would eliminate or reduce the barriers related to breast-pumping, and thus support moms’ freedom to breast-pump anywhere.

Her Story

When she returned to work after maternity leave, it was important to Pippy Sips founder Amberlee Venti that she continue to feed her baby breastmilk. While Amberlee was able to do so, the process was far from ideal.  She exasperated herself thinking about all the parts needed to pump breastmilk.  She also wished there were a way to more discreetly pump and store milk at her workplace. And she often wondered why nursing products were generally designed with an aesthetic and practicality geared towards the milk-receiver (babies) rather than both mothers and babies. Surely improvements could be made.


Maia is a patent-pending, all-in-one storing and cooling system for breastmilk.  It features a vacuum-insulated stainless steel shell, into which is nested a BPA-free, high-grade plastic storage bottle that connects to industry-leading pumps (e.g., Medela, Philips Avent, Spectra).  The storage bottle component holds up to 8 ounces of milk and has a unique design that maximizes cooling speed and duration. 

The storage bottle has a cap with a built-in thermometer, and it sits on top of a stainless steel cooling mechanism that is 'rechargeable' overnight in a standard freezer.  The lid of the stainless steel bottle cannot be fully tightened unless all of the internal components are present and properly aligned, thus reducing the risk that one of the components will be forgotten at home. 

With Maia, moms can be assured that their breastmilk was stored safely throughout the day when a refrigerator is not accessible.  The milk will quickly get to refrigerator-level cool and stay there for over 10 hours.  Want to make sure of that?  At any time just check the digital temperature display on the cap, which is visible through a cutout in the lid of the stainless steel shell. 


The Name

We call our flagship product "Maia." It's a name with a variety of meanings in different languages, many of which are apt to Pippy Sips's intended customer base: 'mother,' 'bravery' and 'love,' to name a few.

Designed by: Pragmatc Designs


mother of two, is passionate about breastfeeding and making breastmilk storage easy for all women. When returning to work after maternity leave she often found herself explaining why she was carrying around bottles of breastmilk and trying to find access to safe and clean space to store her breastmilk. Amberlee is of the utmost belief that women should be able to pump and store their breastmilk anywhere!


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