• Amberlee,

    mother of two, is passionate about breastfeeding and making breastmilk cooling and storage easy for all women. Amberlee has spent her entire professional career serving people with limited means or mental illness (or, more typically, both). She has always been a problem solver and an advocate for others. Pippy Sips is a continuation of this spirit and it is Amberlee’s hope that she can help women solve problems associated with breastfeeding and pumping through creating innovative products and services. Amberlee is of the utmost belief that women should be able to pump and store their breastmilk anywhere!

  • Pippy Sips-The Brand

    pip (noun) - one extraordinary of its kind (source: m-w.com)

    pip (noun) - someone who is mischievous but lovable (source: Amberlee’s mother-in-law)  

    The Pippy Sips brand name honors the founders’ two remarkable daughters. It also embodies the persistence and creativity relied on by CEO Amberlee, both to navigate her personal breastfeeding and pumping journey, and later to upend the pumping-product status quo and deliver a unique solution for breastfeeding moms everywhere.