The Origins of Maia

Maia® is an award-winning storing, cooling and monitoring system for breastmilk. Maia® was created from our CEO/Founder’s firsthand experience with pumping and storing milk. When she returned to work after maternity leave, it was important to Amberlee to continue to feed her baby breastmilk. She was exasperated thinking about: all the parts needed to pump, where she was going to store breastmilk, whether her male co-workers were going to make awkward comments as she walked by with her milk bottles, and all of the other barriers to storing and cooling breastmilk. She also knew there must be something better than bulky coolers made for camping or shared work fridges with everyone's sandwiches. That's why Maia® was made exclusively for breastmilk. And it's FINALLY here!

Pippy Sips aims to have its products’ names speak to the power and beauty of motherhood. Our flagship product is named "Maia", various meanings of which - “mother” (Greek),”bravery” (Maori) and “love” (Nepali) - we associate with the Pippy Sips customer. 

Photo: Cari Ellen Photography