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Do you offer a discount to Frontline Workers?

Yes.  Please reach out to info@pippysips.com to verify your frontline worker status. 

Do you offer express shipping?

Yes. We offer 2-DAY UPS Express (typically within 2 days but it's not guaranteed; we are at the mercy of UPS and the elements).

Gifting Maia®? 

Let us know in the order instructions and we'll send your note with purchase.

How much milk can I store with Maia®?

We claim with confidence that Maia® stores up to 10 ounces of milk at safe temperatures for 16+ hours. Maia’s Bottle component has ounce markings that measure up to 10 ounces, and enough room to accommodate an extra ounce if needed.

Looking for more than 10 ounces of milk storage? Think about purchasing two Maias together - you’ll get an automatic 20% off the order.  

What pumps are compatible with Maia®?

Maia® is directly compatible with the connectors on standard-mouth pumps like those made by Medela*, Ameda, and Evenflo. If using a wide-mouth pump (e.g., Spectra), use the Adapter provided with purchase of Maia (look at the bottom of the box). 

Do you instead use a wearable pump like those made by Willow or Elvie? Many of Pippy Sips’s customers do, too - they simply pour milk from their pump into Maia’s Bottle. 

Ultimately, no matter which pump you use, there is a way for Maia® to upgrade your pumping experience.

* Note: Maia® does not fully integrate with Medela’s Freestyle Flex or Medela Pump In Style Maxflow, which have connectors that are designed differently than those of other Medela pumps. If you have a Freestyle Flex or Medela Pump In Style Maxflow, you’d use Maia® in the same way as our customers with Willow or Elvie pumps.

Has Maia® been tested for lead and other chemicals/potential hazards?

Yes. Pippy Sips is committed to sourcing and using safe, quality materials. All Pippy Sips products have been tested by independent, third-party testing labs. Maia® complies with the ASTM F963-17, CPSIA/CPSC, and FCC standards regulating BPA, lead, soluble metals, mechanical hazards, phthalates, and radiated emissions.

How do I check the temperature of the milk I’m storing in Maia®?

Use your finger to double-tap on or near the screen of the Thermo-lid. And don’t be afraid to tap with some emphasis! Alternatively, you can give Maia® a brief shake back and forth in a windshield-wiper motion to reveal the temperature on the screen.  

Do I need to wash the Cooling Puck and Outer Shell?

Maia® was designed so that only the Bottle and the Thermo-Lid need to be washed regularly.  The Cooling Puck and Outer Shell should have minimal to no contact with breastmilk.  We recommend keeping the Cooling Puck in the freezer between uses.  We recommend lightly rinsing these parts if they come in contact with breastmilk. 

Can I sterilize Maia’s plastic Bottle in boiling water?

Yes, it is safe to boil the Bottle for as long as you would any other plastic pumping accessories (many sites recommend 5 minutes). Just note that, as with frequent runs through the dishwasher, frequent boiling of the Bottle over time may cause the artwork (including the ounce markings) to fade. 

Is it okay to mix freshly expressed milk from my current pumping session with already chilled milk from my last pumping session?

Yes. In other words, it is safe to use Maia® as directed. 

We’re aware that the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) updated its breastmilk storage guidelines in early 2021 to reflect that “Mothers can mix warm milk and cold, or even consider pooling milk from 24 hours together, which may help even out variability in nutrients due to pumping time or breast emptying (which influences fat content of the milk).” And we’re aware that the AAP no longer highlights that guidance on its website (a change that occurred not long after this post on Mother.ly).  This article (Emily Oster’s ParentData newsletter) gives a thorough review of the data and information available.  

Naturally, adding warm liquid to cold liquid will cause the temperature of the cold liquid to rise at first. A reliable cooling mechanism, however, will bring the temperature back down. When storing breastmilk, it is important to reference the storage-temperature guidelines, from the CDC and other entities. As you’ll see in the Maia User Manual, breastmilk can be safely stored at room temperature for 4 hours, and under 59° F for 24 hours. Maia adheres to those guidelines, using active cooling (from the Puck) and insulation (from the Shell), among other things.  

Do you ship to my address?

We ship anywhere in the continental United States, plus Hawaii, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and any U.S. military bases worldwide. We generally have free shipping, but there is an extra shipping charge for orders from Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

What temperature does Maia® keep my breastmilk?

Maia® will keep breastmilk at a safe temperature - 59 degrees Fahrenheit or under - for at least 16 hours. So it'll get you through the day.

Maia® was not made for continuous storage over the course of multiple days. You'll want to rely on a standard refrigerator for that. Check out the breastmilk storage guidelines at page 8 of our User Manual (or those published by any reputable public-health organizations).

The exact temperature of the milk being stored with Maia® at any particular time will depend on things like how long it's already been stored (e.g., 1 hour or 15 hours), how much volume is being stored (e.g., 2 oz. or 10 oz.), whether you've just added freshly expressed milk to already-chilled milk (see our FAQ on that), and what is the ambient temperature. And remember it takes time for expressed breastmilk (~98.6 degrees Farenheit before it hits the ambient temperature) to cool.

That's a lot of variables, but that's the deal! Just remember, though, one of the great things about Maia® is that you can easily check the temperature of the stored breastmilk, anytime, without opening it up. Just double-tap the Thermo-lid's screen or give it a gentle shake. 

My loved one put the thermo-lid in dishwasher and now it's broken. Can I get a replacement lid?

The 30-day and 90-day warranties do not cover thermo-lids broken by the customer. Pippy Sips charges $29.99 for lids that are broken by the customer. Please email info@pippysips.com to purchase another thermo-lid.

Is Maia® FSA/HSA eligible?  

Yes - Maia® is FSA/HSA eligible as a pumping or breastfeeding accessory.

Can I use my FSA/HSA card on this site?

Yes. If there is any problem using your FSA/HSA card, please reach out.