"My husband is active duty in the military and we are currently stationed overseas in Europe and prior to my daughter being born we traveled every chance we had.Since having my daughter, we haven’t gone anywhere because the idea of lugging around not only a pump, but a cooler full of bottles and ice packs sounded like way too much work.

Maia has completely changed that and makes it not only possible, but SO EASY! The fact that I can safely store my daughters milk all day and have it all fit in my diaper bag is life changing! I can’t wait to take my Maia on all our adventures!"


"I have truly loved using the Maia.  It has been a game changer at work so I can pump and quickly put the milk away between patients.  I have really struggled with supply this go-around and Maia has helped me continue  breastfeeding for 7 months.  I have never worried about the milk's temperature before I could get it home even on a 10 hour day."


"As a breastfeeding mama Maia makes feeding on the go so much easier! I can bring some extra milk without having to carry a heavy ice bag around everywhere and feed my baby with nothing to worry about! It’s so lightweight and having the temperature gives me peace of mind that I’m feeding my baby safely!"


"I live in a very remote location.  In order to go grocery shopping my family has to travel nearly two hours! On the long town days, Maia gives me the opportunity to pump without fear of my milk going bad! I exclusively pump for my daughter, and thanks to Maia I'm able to easily provider her milk whenever needed!"