Covid-19 and Breastfeeding-Mask Up and Breastfeed On!

Covid-19 and Breastfeeding-Mask Up and Breastfeed On!

This pandemic has brought about a new “normal”. Social distancing, hand washing, and wearing masks are a few of the precautions we can take to limit the spread of the coronavirus. As a breastfeeding mother, you may be wondering what precautions you can take to manage the risks. The World Health Organization has some suggestions. 


While there are no current guidelines surrounding breastfeeding, some precautions mother should take include:


-Wear a mask while feeding - making sure that it covers both the nose and the mouth.

-Practicing proper hand-washing habits, including washing your hand with soap and water for at least 20 seconds before and after touching their baby.

-Making sure you are routinely and thoroughly cleaning and disinfecting surfaces.


WHO recognizes the importance of breastfeeding, recommending that even if a mother does have COVID-19 she continues to touch and hold her baby. A mother is encouraged to continue skin-to-skin contact and sharing a room with her child but also reminded to practice the precautions mentioned above. 


So moms…Mask up and breastfeed on! 

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