Pumping At Disney

Pumping at Amusement Parks Like a Pro!

We can’t stop talking about Blake Lively pumping at Disney.  We know she’s not the first Mom to pump at an amusement park but she might be the most famous one to post about it.  And that means so much in a world where most people aren’t talking about pumping! 

So... we thought we'd write a blog post with quick tips for pumping at amusement parks!  In this blog post, we'll dive into the world of breast pumping at amusement parks and share some invaluable tips to make your pumping experience a breeze.

Plan Ahead:

  • Before embarking on your amusement park adventure, take some time to plan your pumping schedule. Identify the park's designated nursing or baby care facilities, and familiarize yourself with their locations. Knowing where you can pump in peace will save you precious time and energy.

Invest in a Portable Pump:

  • Consider investing in a portable and discreet breast pump for your amusement park escapades. Lightweight and battery-operated pumps make it easier to move around the park without being tethered to an electrical outlet. 

Pack Smart:

  • Equip yourself with a well-packed pumping bag. Include essentials such as extra pump parts, storage bags, wipes, and a cooler (ahum, Maia® ) to keep your expressed milk fresh. Don't forget to bring a shawl or nursing cover for added privacy if needed.

Dress for Comfort and Accessibility:

  • Wear comfortable clothing that allows easy access for pumping. Consider donning a nursing-friendly outfit or a top with discreet openings for hassle-free pumping sessions. This will make the process smoother and more convenient while navigating the park.

Time Your Pumping Sessions:

  • Plan your pumping sessions around the park's quieter periods to ensure a more peaceful experience. Avoid peak times and long lines to make the most of your pumping breaks. Utilize downtime between rides or during your baby's nap time to sneak in a quick pump.

Hydrate and Snack Smart:

  • Staying hydrated and well-nourished is crucial during your amusement park adventure. Carry a water bottle and some healthy snacks to keep your energy levels up. A well-fed and hydrated mom is better equipped to handle the demands of breast pumping on the go.

Take Advantage of Baby Care Centers:

  • Many amusement parks have dedicated baby care centers equipped with private nursing rooms, changing tables, and comfortable seating. Take advantage of these facilities for a more comfortable and private pumping experience.

Know Your Rights:

  • Familiarize yourself with the breastfeeding policies of the amusement park you're visiting. Many parks now have policies supporting breastfeeding mothers, ensuring a more inclusive and welcoming environment.

Breast pumping at amusement parks doesn't have to be a daunting task. With proper planning, the right equipment, and a positive mindset, you can enjoy a magical day with your family while still meeting your baby's feeding needs. So, strap on your pump, embrace your supermom status, and make unforgettable memories at the amusement park!

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